Thursday, March 3, 2016

Gibraltar ( Jabal Tariq )

Few weeks ago i visited Gibraltar, a place i wanted to visit for a long time among other places on my list to visit, if time allows me to do so..

It is small land but full with history, though not so much about Tarek Ibn Ziyad who the rock (Gibraltar) was named after. But still there are so many things to see and do in small space of land.

Gibraltar is under the British monarch, which i was surprised by some of my colleagues and friends who thought it is part of Spain or even Portugal !!
Even though Gibraltar is British overseas territory but the Gibraltarians are proud of being mixture of multi ethnicity and cultures. You can hear many tongues  (spanish, english, arabic, Hindu ..Etc ) though, the official language is english and the currency is the Pound ( Euro is accepted as well).

It was short trip, i did't get the time to go around every place on the rock (as they call it in Gibraltar). However, i tried to visit the most famous places that every visitor does.

Here are some Pictures i have taken during my visit:

The flight was from Heathrow T3

At the airport lounge

Nicely redesigned BA cabin seats for all the short haul flight i believe 

Just landed at one of the most dangerous runways in the world, 
in the pic the Sunborn hotel.

Crossing the runway on feet

The room, with view on the runway :)

The First dinner was Italian

Triple Chocolate cheesecake 

The Breakfast

Starting the day with illy :)

High Street

Botanical Gardens

St Michael's Cave ... the cave is huge, and this picture is inside it

The of the must do things in Gibraltar is to see the monkeys :)
you can see while they taking care of each other, the baby in the middle having a nap :)

Gibraltar airport with the runway view from the top of the rock

Another view of the airport, here the Terminal more obvious, the Town/City behind it is in spain

World War Tunnel

At the end of the tunnel, military point

Someone having chill out

The Moorish Castle (the only trace from the muslims ruling time i had seen)

Monarch Airlines on the Runway

Seafood Paella

The art of making glass

The Main Mosque in Gibraltar

Europa's Point

Shores of Morocco is visible in the Pic

On my way to the highest point on the rock

O'Hara's Battery is the highest point

The Mediterranean steps

The view from this small cave is epic

Another view of the southernmost part of the Gibraltar

After long walking day (very exhausted) .... night coffee time :)

Romana Pizza and Caesar Salad can help as well after long day

Leaving day breakfast

Entrance to the main bus station, main square and the high street

The main square

Lavazza before leaving to the airport (walking from the hotel to the airport takes
less than 15 minutes)

The terminal is very small but very tidy and clean

I think we might be so early here !!!???

The Calpe lounge ( Calpe is the old name of Gibraltar )

The lounge balcony with nice view into the rock

The ride back to the UK just arrived

The flying time is 2:50 minutes to LHR from GIB



Nasimlibya `√ said...

يبدو انك قضيت وقت ممتع جدا ...
مرحبا بك من جديد

Arak Tree said...

شكرا لمرورك نسيم،،، فعلا كانت رحلة حلوة والمكان بسيط وجميل