Friday, June 18, 2010

The Wedding Bus !!

while i was walking few days back in the neighbourhood, i noticed an old London bus in front of church, and it was decorated for a wedding, followed by small car ( decorated too ).

I am not sure which one was the " bride's car " as we used to say in Libya , however, the groom has the right to get the car named after him too. But, we are still calling it ( the bride's car )

I was not able to wait for the couple to come out of church to picture them, but at least i took some pics. for the cars.

What type of licence someone need to drive that thing ?!!

 Well, i think the children will be lucky if they can get a wedding bus in Libya, so every one can be with the new couple in there journey to the groom's family house or for the wedding hall nowadays, i can't imagine the newly married couple in Libya at there wedding night riding decorated Iveco, and that Iveco overcrowded with children and old ladies :) :)

I'll think about it, may be someone will have the courage to do that thing someday!!!