Thursday, October 14, 2010

Home sweet home

As the last visit to Libya was so short, and i was very busy in my brother's wedding, so there was no enough time for me to enjoy life there apart from the wedding itself.

After spending the last Ramadan alone and away from my family, in addition to the increased stress, i needed to go home for a break, and for other many reasons.

I booked my thicket for ten days visit, but later on i found my self extending for another few days, actually i did not enjoyed the extra days, but i had to do it.

On friday the 24th i found my self in terminal 5 heading to TIP. I was so angry and hungry too, as i have only hand luggage, so i am not allowed to exceed the 100ml limit for the fluid, and i know that previously, but what i did'nt know that my perfume was 125ml, not 100ml i though it was.
I know it so late after the security officer told me that:

He :     Mr, i'm sorry but you are not allowed to take this on board .
Me :   with big smile, why ?? you  are allowing 100ml, don't you ??.
He :         yes sir, but this is 125ml , and he showed me the sticker.
Me :    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , ok what i have to do now. Trying to play smart !!! it's have empty bottle now that mean less than 60ml, and it was a gift.
He :  you have two choices, either to leave it here, or to but it in the bag and drop it back in the luggage dropping area to be on the airplane.
Me :   the second choice sounds good ,,, but wait ,, that big white puple comes over my head, and started imagining my self  in TIP, specifically in the area where you wait for your bags to come to you, either with a different colors of paint and oil smell on it,or the overcrowded  passengers waiting for their bags on the luggage claiming area that could take 2 hours !!!!! ))
Me again:    Ok,,, you can take it  ... and one eye laoughing and the other crying...

I crossed the checking are to the tax free, and stop thinking about my angry because i had remembred that i was so hungry, since last day i did not eat enough :)
I needed some thing to support me for few hours untill i get home.

Ta3meea, orange and mango juice, sparkling water and my soul mate.

The weather was cold and rain ( Jum3a Mubarka in London ).

Seafood meal, and you can notice the salad on the Libyan way.

Home sweet home.

My father told me that the weather was nice today ( that friday ), better than the previous days, so, i though there are some clouds and some 29 or 30 degree.
Once, i got out of the British airways vehicle designed to fly in 19?? not in 20??, i felt some thing upnormal touching my skin, it's that feeling which happen in the Big Eid when you are making a barbique or burning the head and legs of the sacrifice.
The airport was air conditioned, and that was good up to now, everything was quite and  everybody working in the airport from security guys to the genators were looking for me as i was a suspect ( untill prove otherwise ), or i have an uniqe face that contain one eye in the forehead, 3 teeth over my head, 4 sets of ears istead of my mouth.

The customs man checked my passport too many times and looked another too many times to my face, i thought to reassure him, that the photo in the passport belongs to me, not to my grandmother, but no need to tell him that , because he was doing his job, and you know the customs men, they like to do their job perfectly :)

After passing the customs man ( feel like i've passed an exam ), went downstairs to the luggage area to go out, the shock for me was in the luggage claiming area, it was so quite that day, and only 4 or 5 people were there, immediately i had remembred the perfume which i gave up :(
it's the life
The moment of truth came when i left the airport to the outside to see and feel the very big and very hot sun that was waiting for me with some 101% humidity.

Was my father joking when he said it was good weather ?? i don't know.


Al majles cafe, it was wonderful day, when i see the picture i remember the phone bill papers ( i don't know why !!! ).

End of the trip...

I realy enjoyed being there for two weeks having good news and bad ones , good and bad events,
and met too many good friends eventhough i was busy with the family.
enjoyed visiting my favorite coffee shops, and tasted the coffe as i never did, and the most important i've got renewed my driving licence for another 10 years ,,,, 10 years!!! let us see who will end first me or the licence :) ..... i wish they can do the same for passports ( 10 years ).
And don't forget to mention the date i ate there as my visit was in good time for the palm tree fruit.

The return journey to the UK was last friday the 8th of october, the highway was empty at 1:00 Pm, it was Jumaa prayer time.

I'll miss my home and family for a while


I am glad to see the new airport road almost finished.

This guy lost the direction.

Cappuccino extra shot ( Nescafe is the extra shot here ) at TIP, but still taste good.

I wish that Libyan Airline can compete someday with Emirates flight.

The eastern terminal under construction.

وطني لو شغلت بالخلد عنه ... نازعتني في الخلد عنه نفسي


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Paris part 2...

Wedding on saturday morning

The shaddow of the tower

The french Macaron one of the best things i ate in Paris.


From Paris with love ..

Dinner at Cafe di Roma, they have the best salamon salad.


Terminal 2E, it's nice and quite.

The glass room are for smoking people.

Relaxing and enjoying the view.

So delicious French omlet with the worst coffee.

London from the sky, you can see the O2 dome and canary wharf.

Hyde park... north one.

kew gardens.

Hatton cross station.