Friday, May 21, 2010

From London to Tripoli and back again...

It's been a while since my last blogg, i was so busy for the last period, and i still busy actually but i have to write some thing here at least.

Few weeks back i went in short trip to Tripoli, it lasted for few days before i come back to london, i think few days in Libya will be ok for everyone to feel refresh, but not more than 2 weeks i think, as most of people going back home for the first few days, they had considered as guest and they feel so popular and surrounded by everyone, but when time goes, every one got busy in his/ her work there, and we feel as we are not guests any more in addition to that you have nothing to do except hanging around with some friends in Shesha cafe and repeating the same routine everyday untill the time of your flight back to your destination comes.
It's my point of view at least :)

I could not get too many pictures for the short visit, but here are some of it, and almost all of the pic was in Gatwick airport, and others on the Afriqiyah airplane, which i feel so sorry for there lost on the 12 of may.
It could be the same aircraft i was on before, it is really good airways and good services, i wish them luck as a Libyan carrier.

Waiting for the early morning train

Costa Gatwick

the gate

this picture for the runway while we were landing