Monday, December 13, 2010


At the 13th of December 2009 my first post came to light, i gave it the name ( Just the beginning ), and it was.
At that time " when started blogging", i did not think about the time, which passed so quick, and i am here after one year i feel as it was yesterday.
I don't know why i did start all of these, but what i know... i just did it, writing about different things i like and i don't. And there are people to watch me and read what i write, even more i don't know what were their opinion, however i liked to do what i have to, or at least what i thought it was right.
As every one new in any place, i felt not comfortable with the beginning, but with time and the support of many people i felt more better.
Too many people supported me, some of them they didn't even know me, and others who were and still my friends.
Thank you everyone out there, who wrote their nice comments in my blogg, and the readers who just passed by my blogg and just red the posts, even if they didn't write any thing, thank you all.

Special thanks to Nasimlibya the first visitor and person who gave me the support, Lebeeya too another wonderful blogger, my close friend Akak we are missing your posts, Mr Tarek Alwan, May, Mushuthalohari, wathiqa bellah, thank you all.
And another thank for the people visiting my blogg from different countries eventhough, i don't know them and they did not comment, but still respecting them for their visit to my blogg, which i can see through the flag counter:

From California, USA, New york, USA
From Saudia Arabia
From Ontario & Alberta,Canada 
From Tunisia, UAE, Egypt.
To all people everywhere on my flag counter.

My regards to all the visitors, and i will do my best to keep posting and even try to make it better as possible as i can. I wish i can give more and more in the next few years ( Inshallah ).


Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It was my first visit to Manchester, i never been there before, to be honest i heard to many things about this city, some were good things and others weren't that good.

Although it was short visit for 2 days only, and i've got busy all the time, so i could not visit most of it, however, i think i have good impression on the city now.
At the same day i left to Manchester, the snow started in London, but for the other cities, already started few days before London.The weather was very cold and very bad for me ( i like rain so much, at the same level of rain love i hate snow and freezing weather ), i thought we have cold weather back home in Libya during winter, but now i am so convinced that Libyan winter is more like the summer or spring here.

 Here are some pictures for the trip ( snowy trip )

At Euston station, the train just started to move. 

Some where in between London and Manchester.

All the green fields were replaced with white ones.

Picture from the hotel.

Deansgate is a main road through the city centre of Manchester.

The next morning was more snowy and freezing.

She was preparing christmas decorations.

Manchester eye.

Good things to start your day with.

The Selfridges and M&S building.