Sunday, September 19, 2010


On the last day of Ramadan i went to paris for two days trip, to visit the city, as it is my first time there.
At the same time, to see my friend who was living there for some time.

It was very short trip, so i could not see all of the city in two days, even more, i missed one of the most famous milestones of paris ( La Joconde ) .....  :(

However the journey was so amaznig, with good company of the Mr. tour guide ( Akak ).

here are Some pictures:

This was for breaking my fast at heathrow on thursday, the last of Ramadan here in London.
Ofcourse i had some date too :) :)
In the picture ( tomato, pasta, mozarella and some herbs ) + orange juice.

London from the sky at night

After one hour and ten minutes flight at Charles de Gaulle

From the airport immediately to the Champs-Élysées with my luggage, i was still hungry so we ate Shawerma in Lebanese resturant, followed by ice cream ( Haagen Dazs ).

Friday morning's breakfast, which was the first day of Eid, but you can't feel the Eid outside Libya i think !!!
The yogurt in the picture was very delicious and unusual, maybe because it was in small jar instead of plastic one, with apple flavour.

Before we start any long journey with car, we have to fill it with fuel.
So, that was my favourite fuel...coffeeeeee

I could not stop my self from looking at this Captivating view,
 then having some pictures.
 Here, one of them.

The dirty Metro of Paris

One of the many many and another many museums, palaces and very nice historical plcaes in paris, which were so wonderful for me, may be because of their unique architecture, that distinguishing paris from any other city.
But still i could not differentiate most of the buildings from each other, all are the same,
so, don't ask me for the names of those places!!!
Except some of the memorable ones.

Charles de gaulle' statue

Nespresso Cafe

I like the ( French balcony ) design.

Notre-Dame de Paris

The Concorde

To the left ( Tomb of the Unknown Soldier )

This picture taken over the ( Arc de Triomphe ).

After long and heavy day, we need  good break at Nespresso before the sunset,
 after that me and Ahmed went home to have some rest and to pray, then we headed for dinner.

Dinner at Pizza Pino, and my favourite drink ( Sprite ).

To be continued: