Monday, January 18, 2010

Up in the air

Wow, George Clooney, Airplane together in a movie.

It looks like a dream (Good one), my love to the airplanes, airports, and flying never ended.

You know that feeling when you are a child, always has that kind of dreams ,,, What I'll be in the future when I grow up???. Mine was to be a captain of airplane, traveling from city to city, breaking the daily routine, living as a bird. Carrying people from place to place.

Whatever, my destiny was so different; I ended up with helping people to cross the bridge from the sickness bank to the health one, as much as I can do.
Gradually, I start liking what I do; even more, adore it in some occasions.

End of discussion.

Let us go back to the George Clooney's topic, once I saw the posters in London underground walls, bus stops. I prepared my self to watch the big event, in my opinion at least, whereas Clooney is one of my favorite stars, plus there are airplanes in the film as showed, so I had waited to the Friday the 15th of January. Then directly, at 7 pm, after enjoyed one espresso cup of coffee from Costa, I headed to the cinema to collect my thicket that I had already bought from the internet,,,, Finally, nothing to tell about this movie…just watch it.

It will deserve every minute from you time, I promise.

My next plan is to take the advice from lebeeya and watch Avatar 3D. As many of my friends talked about it positively.

I am Watching movies since 1995, drinking coffee since 1997,blogging only since two months : ) , never smoked before and hate it's smell, Last and not the least, traveling since I was a fetus,, !!! Don't mind.

ohh , almost forget .... !!!
it's not mine, to be honset,but i like it.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Crazy Weather..!!

Nothing to say.. Except it's really going to be crazy every day.
I hate this kind of weather.

But what i like in this weather ....,
it is the nice hot cup of coffe, especially the smiley one