Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Few steps separate some of us from 2014. others has been already there even for few ours but they are there. I don't know if there is any difference so far between the people who are in 2014 and us the people in the past (2013 ).

when I wrote my last blog a year ago + few days, I thought I am going to have plenty of time ahead of me to blog more and more than the previous years, but the truth sometimes quite different from our dreams, it passed as quick as the blink of an eye to find myself few hours from 201? ( who knows it might be 4,5,6 or even more ).

On a personal level 2013 was quite year, no specific events happened, nothing exciting for me. However, very much better from the world unpleasant events that kept going through out the year, mainly the Arabic world.

I hope 2014 will bring better events and news than the previous one. And hopefully I will able to post more next year.