Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Story of 4 friends and year

It is an old story told by four seasons, starts by the winter and ends by him, is it because he is the lucky one among his friends?!... Or may be because he is the only witness to the merger of two different years.
Whatever the cause, there is an end to each season, once it started, & all the seasons connected together with strong bonds that will never been broken.

As countdown started toward the beginning of new year, and vanishing of old one, with all the memories which came through it. So, everyone getting extra year added to his personal account, and loosing one for the childhood years.

Now 2009 Almost gone , and 2010 is knocking the doors. Wherefore, thank you 2009 for every single moment you gave us, and welcome 2010 as new guest will carry new surprises.
I am saying to 2010, don't let us down.




Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hello everybody...

I took a quill pen and paper then started to write in this modest blog, all i wish  is to touch the heart of everyone comes through my pages. You,.....only you ( readers ) can offer me your help and advices to make it more better .

And not forget my lovely cup of coffe that supported me while i'am writing this few words at  4 O clock morning.

Be my guests.